APRIL 20, 2021

La Reina 101 – https://www.lareina101.com

“An intro to all things beautiful” Reina Thomas-Mohammed is a young Black artist, at an early age, Reina found her passion in expressing herself through art “ From a young age art has been the medium for me to express myself when words often fail me.” Through her artwork, Reina has gained quite a following on social media and shares her passion with a wide audience.

APRIL 05, 2021

Beauty Boxx Inc. – https://www.beautyboxxinc.org
Beauty Boxx Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide empowerment resources such as scholarships and self-awareness programs to those who have been victimized by the lucrative industry of human trafficking.

MARCH 09, 2021

Agar Discipleship Ministries – https://www.agarministries.org

Agar Discipleship Ministries is a non-profit organizations whose mission is to be impactful in the lives of all who come to worship and hear the life-giving Word of God, which came to us through the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by His death on the cross by providing ministry, prayer/testimonies, and community engagement.

MARCH 04, 2021

College Thriver – https://www.college-thriver.org

College Thriver is a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform the lives of minority, low-income, and under-served students by helping them enroll in the college of their dreams and graduate with pride. Our College and Career Readiness connect students grades 6-12 to data-driven feedback to help them prepare and meet college admissions standards.

FEBRUARY 23, 2021

Connective Human – https://www.connectivehuman.com

Connective Human is a corporate high-performance and team building company that focuses on creating healthy humans and communities by pairing growth mindset training with team building events that give back to the community.

FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Step Foundation, Inc. – https://www.stepsfoundation.org

Steps Foundation, Inc was founded in 2019. Our organization focuses on empowerment and community. We are working to empower men, women, teens, and children to become the best people they can be. Through networking, mentoring, life skills workshops and retreats we will work together to help each person reach their desired potential.