Our mission is to supply our youth with opportunities to learn and grow, allowing them to appreciate themselves and thereby encouraging positive self-esteem. We do this through our three program focus areas: L.O.V.E Our Youth, L.O.V.E Our Community and L.O.V.E Others. These three dimensions allow us to create impact that inspire youth to their fullest potential.

L.O.V.E Our Youth

Provides direct service to vulnerable youth and families in need.

All Ways Me: Youth Development Conference

This is an annual event in collaboration with local barbers, stylists, and makeup artists who graciously donate their time and services yearly. This program provides for 50 disadvantaged youth, ages 11-17, that come from low-income households. We offer activities that foster self-esteem and confidence, such as workshops, instructional self-care sessions, and a “runway” experience that includes a fashion show and professional photography. 

Fall for All Community Event

This is an organized field day event meant to encourage family bonding, friendly competition, and a healthy, active lifestyle. Activities include sports such as basketball and team-building exercises, curated for attendees to learn to work well with others. 

STEM Introductory Series

This program was done in collaboration with Girls Who Code, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide opportunities and resources for girls in the technology field and close the gender gap. This event targeted high school girls ages 13-17 who expressed interest in the STEM field and provided exposure to the world of science and technology.  Those who participated were able to develop vision boards of goals and aspirations and also had the opportunity to resolve real-world problems through team exercises and projects.

L.O.V.E Our Community

Our organization understands the barriers working professionals face that prevent them from getting involved. Some of those barriers include:

● Busy schedules

● Desire to spend time with family

● Not feeling connected to the cause

L.O.V.E Our Community removes these barriers by coordinating opportunities for professionals to volunteer as individuals or families and connects them with volunteer roles that best align with their passion and schedule.

Below we outline some of the initiatives associated with individuals and families volunteering in our community.

● Back-to-School drives

● Holiday drives

● Health and medicine

● Family Night-Out events

● Etc.

Program Highlight: L.O.V.E. Our Youth, along with some of our volunteers, participated in the “United Way: Share the Love” event helping sort and prepare meals for families in need.

Visit our Get Involved page to obtain more information on how you can make an impact in your community.

Come join a network of volunteers with a passion to empower youth through donating your time and talents today!

L.O.V.E Others

L.O.V.E Others collaborates with organizations that believe in the future of our youth by providing project management expertise to assist in meeting common goals. Does your organization need support in the areas of volunteer/resource development, project management, grant management, or event management? Good news! We can help and we outline some of those services below.

● Assist in corporate conference and training development

● Assist in curriculum development

● Coordinate community-wide round tables and events

● Manage project progression (project management)

● Etc.

L.O.V.E Our Youth, Inc. embraces the Collective Impact Model.

With collective impact, we are all in the same boat, rowing in the same direction, thus reaching our goals faster.

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